What Men Should Know About the Business Dress Code

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What Men Should Know About the Business Dress Code

Men’s Business Dress Codes Companies that operate in a competitive professional atmosphere should have a code that employees must follow. The business dress code usually stipulates that men should wear a jacket with a wing-tip collar and black trousers. Men’s business dress codes usually include a black suit, white or gray business suit, solid-colored shirt, matching gray or white dress trousers and a tie. Even when your workplace is business casual, these items are still advisable for various other occasions, both at work and off-site. For instance, for a company picnic, men can bring along their own shirts and trousers and take a printable photo of the company logo to the picnic basket.

A business dress code will also allow men to wear ties that are not black. The reason behind this is to prevent employees from wearing black tie attire to all other business activities including church functions, meetings with clients and various social events. It will be permissible for men to wear a white or gray tie for these types of activities as long as they don’t show their ties or collars outside of their collar and belt. If one chooses to wear a blazer, he or she should do so only under the supervision of the boss. Also, it is not considered to be appropriate for men to wear a black or gray blazer to meetings with family members or friends.

A man should always remember to put the tie back in its collar before putting on a shirt. Allowing the tie to fall down will give the appearance that you are not entirely confident about your business dress code. While you’re in the classroom, teachers may frown on you for not wearing a tie. You don’t want that to happen while you’re trying to learn! A man should dress appropriately for any business function; however, one should never allow a tie to take away from his professional appearance.

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