What Is the Difference Between Formal Wear and Casual Wear?

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What Is the Difference Between Formal Wear and Casual Wear?

Formal wear, formal apparel or formal attire is basically the standard Western style dress code usually applicable for all the more formal events, including weddings, christenings, funerals, confirmations, parties, Easter and Thanksgiving ceremonies, as well as some state dinner, opera, ballet and theatrical events. It consists of a full jacket that may be white or black, trousers, a top hat with a feather, white gloves and a bow tie. These are the basics of what may be considered formal wear. However, it is actually not uncommon to see other styles or fashions creeping into this. Today you would find casual and Western wear becoming more alike.

Western and formal wear are similar in many ways, including their structure of clothes and how they are given their names. The former are often characterized by having the collar folded over the shoulder, while the latter tends to have the coat hanging straight down. Western clothes can also feature buttons and rings, whereas formal wear tends to feature buttons closed, with the exception of on a shirt collar, which is left open. Western wear also has more complex stitching than formal wear does, with frills on the buttons and cuffs. The same goes for dresses and suits which tend to have wider collars.

While the structure of clothes and the names of events they apply to generally remain similar, there are a few slight differences between the two. For example, Western formal attire tends to be a little bit more tailored and less’liberated’in its structure, while formal wear tends to be more ‘free’ and more casual in nature. On the whole, however, there are very few major differences between the two. This article only covers the main aspects of the dress code, so if you are planning on going to a specific event or particular event, you should know about the difference between formal wear and the more common informal attire before you leave home.

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