Street Fashion And Its Effects On Urban Style

street fashion

Street Fashion And Its Effects On Urban Style

Street fashion is popular fashion which is believed to have evolved not from big studios, but rather from the streets, where fashion is sold. Street fashion generally is seen in metropolitan cities, and is mostly localized to certain youth groups. It is also considered a reflection of the people’s sense of fashion and individuality. For this reason, there are many teenagers who dress in outlandish ways to stand out from the crowd. It is estimated that there are well over hundreds of street fashion brands, most of which are based on famous street graffiti art. Some of these brands can be spotted at various events around the world such as the Berlin Auto Show.

There is some argument that this form of fashion which originated in the streets has become too commercialized and mass produced, resulting in an image of the common man as the consumer. This image however, is disputed by those who believe that street fashion has helped to bring about many positive changes in society. Some of these changes include the fight against violence in communities, more liberal attitudes towards religion, and the rejection of the extreme right as well as extreme left movements, all of which were associated with the street vogue in the past. While it is debatable as to whether or not street fashion really has changed the face of modern fashion trends, one thing is for certain: without the involvement of the street vogue in the early twenty-first century, many of today’s fashion trends would have been completely different.

Many contemporary designers have been influenced by the styles and materials of the street fashion and are working to re-invigorate and create new, modern styles. Some of these designers are loosely reminiscent of the street fashions which began to appear in popular boutiques and featured vintage elements and designs. Others, however, are attempting to create a new, edgy look which draws from both traditional and contemporary sources, as well as offering a wide range of colors, textures, and prints. These designers, such as Damiano & Boccia, are also doing their best to make their lines more accessible to the general public and to appeal to a younger crowd.

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