Tuxedo Wedding Attire


Tuxedo Wedding Attire

A tuxedo is the formal wear of the male profession and it is worn either to a black tie dinner party with colleagues or alone, or more commonly, when meeting special female friends or relatives. Black tie is an officially prescribed semi-formal Western wear code for black-tie evening events, originated in American and British social circles for evening dress in the late 19th century. The tuxedo is also the first Western wear to incorporate a waistcoat (the dinner jacket) as a separate garment. It is quite different from the tailcoat and is much taller, covering a man’s torso from the shoulders to just below the navel. Unlike the tailscoat which is usually a single piece of material, a tuxedo jacket includes a waistcoat, a jacket, a v-necked shirt, and a cummerbund.

A modern man wearing a tuxedo to a black-tie wedding event would be expected not only to look good but also feel good. Because of the customarily buttoned up all the way to the neckline, this item of clothing requires extra care to prevent wrinkles that may appear around the edges of the jacket. A tuxedo suit is also a bit trickier to wear than a traditional black-tie wedding suit because it requires a lot more buttoning down and sometimes buttoning up the sleeves. While this may make a man look more ‘jumpy’, it also ensures that the inner portion of the suit is smooth and thin which gives a better fit.

In addition to the extra care that goes into tuxedo wearing, men who choose to wear a tuxedo must also dress accordingly. They need to choose a suitable suit that will fit well. For an informal wedding day such as a night-time marriage party, a dark coloured tuxedo can easily be worn along with a dark coloured shirt and dark tie. For a formal evening wedding such as a grand luncheon, a tuxedo should always be in its proper form with a white or black tie although these are not absolute requirements.

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