Street Fashion Goes Global!

street fashion

Street Fashion Goes Global!

Street fashion is fashion which is regarded as having originated not from high-class studios, but rather from the streets, often not far from where they have originated. Street fashion is often associated with hood culture, and is generally seen at most prominent urban centers. It can be described as urban or gothic chic, and has come to represent a distinct style of dressing which originates from a variety of cultures and/or times.

For example, the roots of street fashion can be traced back to the pre-Raphaelites who lived in London. Their clothing was characterized by oversized coats made of wool with velvet accents and velvet brocade. This attire which included such items as brooches, lockets, felt hats and felt lined boots came to symbolize the culture and cosmopolitan elite class that the city spanned. The style gradually spread to areas outside the metropolitan area, particularly in America, and even Australia, where similar urban fashions were developed.

As the street fashion trend began to expand across different countries and continents, more businesses began to embrace this trend, allowing it to enter into mainstream culture. Most common among the globalisers of this fashion trend are clothing companies, who have adopted this trend to create social media marketing campaigns. Most popular examples of businesses who have used this trend include Levi’s, Prada, Diesel, and D&G, although the list is growing everyday!

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