Economy Fashion Design

Fashion is a kind of self-expression and personal autonomy in a certain time and context and at a certain context, of clothes, shoes, lifestyle, makeup, hairstyles, body language, and even hairstyle. The word simply means a trend defined by the fashion industry regarding what is fashionable. However, the term is normally applied to any trend or style in any sort of dressing, where the general acceptance of the dressing style is not critical. When the term “fashion” is used in its broader sense, it usually refers to any given style, trend, or fad in dressing. One can speak of “fashionability”, “glamorization” or “romance” or any other related concept. In fashion, one’s dressing is subject to the degree of acceptance by the many societal elements who typically influence an individual’s decisions on what is fashionable.


Fashion designers, who are responsible for defining the trends in clothing, are known as designers and the styles they come up with in terms of dressing are called fashions. There are lots of similarities between fashion and interior design in that both are concerned with the visual effect or the aesthetic appeal of the object or materials to be presented. They also share the same concerns regarding the human subject, which goes beyond mere observation, but makes people feel in their environment.

In case of economy fashion designs may take the form of changes in the way people dress. For instance, changes in a country’s or city’s style of dress may reflect a cultural shift taking place there. The same thing may happen in fashion, where different styles or fads are assimilated in popular fashion. In addition, it is important to remember that such trends in dressing are subject to changes in economics. For instance, fashions become popular when they are economical and people can afford them.

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