The History of Tuxedos

The black tie is usually a semi-formal Western wear code for evening social events, stemming from American and British traditions for formal dress at evening gatherings. In British English, however, the principal aspect of the dress code is called the dinner jacket or dinner suit. This is a full jacket that covers the entire upper part of the body, except the hands, which are covered by a white or pink band. It is worn along with a white or pink cocktail ring and matching cuff links.


Although the dinner jacket had been adopted as an Americanized version of the suit in 1793, it was not adopted by British Englishmen until the final decades of the nineteenth century, when it took shape after the style of the colonial tie. In America, it gradually replaced the more formal black tie because it was a lighter, and less rigid design that was easy to mass produce. The British version of the tuxedo was also lighter and did not have a collar, a feature that was especially welcome during the Napoleonic period when the rule of the French monarchs was not as firmly established as in the past. Instead of the traditional jacket design, however, the ensemble featured a double pleated suit with pleats that were spread across the front of the jacket itself. The jacket was designed to be slim fitting and this adaptation was very popular with men who were not in their peak earning brackets. On the other hand, this design was quite fashionable for middle to upper class men who were members of the higher echelons of society.

Tuxedos can be worn on a variety of occasions such as weddings, proms, upscale dinners, balls, and nearly every other formal event. Tuxedos are much more formal than the average tuxedo, but are appropriate for any social gathering or event. While it is a long standing tradition to wear a tuxedo to the groom’s first wedding as a symbol of tradition, it is not a strict requirement these days. This is especially true for younger men who do not feel the need to uphold a long standing custom. As tuxedos are becoming less of a standard wardrobe piece, it is important to consider the wearer’s body type, style, and personality before deciding if he or she should invest in a tuxedo. In addition to the design, a good tip for buying a tuxedo would be to try it on before purchasing it.

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