The First Look at Street Fashion

Street fashion is popular fashion which is believed to have evolved not from big studios, but from the underground grassroots streetwear culture. Street fashion is usually represented by youth subculture, which is usually found in metropolitan cities, and is mostly seen in central areas. There is a wide variety of street wear available, ranging from hoodies, to jeans, to college T-shirts, to sweatshirts, to sneakers, to jackets, to boots and to jewelry. The street fashion styles are usually influenced by street culture of the city it originated from, and are often displayed through distinct art and music styles. And some of these styles are:

The roaring twenties, known as the “cool” era, was the decade which defined the start of the twentieth century street fashion. It was also the first decade when “Goth” and “Street” were fused together, creating a new and uniquely identifiable type of clothing. “Goth” was associated with death and horror, whereas “street fashion” became a generic term for any type of fashion style, regardless of what it looked like. Some of the styles of the early twenties included punk rock, which took up the previously obscure street fashion concepts, and which used bright, bold colors, vibrant prints and an edgy, sensual edge to create a more rebellious attitude among young people. The early twenties witnessed the birth of the first big names in clothing fashion – Marilyn Monroe, jazz and blues music, pop, which all brought along their own unique styles and helped make the twenties the decade when popular street fashion became recognized all over the world.

The “Hip” and ” Funk” style movement, which was centered on African American, Latin and Asian American and other minority groups, combined the previously dissimilar styles and gave them a common ground. The “Goth” and “Street” styles gave way to the emerging style of the twenty first century, which was characterized by minimalism, by new shapes, by geometric patterns, by bright colors and by bold prints. The emergence of this new, hybrid street fashion resulted in the making of many new, popular brands, which were able to capture a significant share of the market thanks to young people’s imitating the designs, which were presented by these new brands.

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