Fashion is basically a collection of style, design, art and movement in relation to clothing, footwear, life style, cosmetics, hairstyle, and physical appearance. The word, fashion, also implies a general appearance defined by the fashion industry concerning what is fashionable at a given time and place. There are many different aspects that are included in fashion. It is not a mere list of what is fashionable today, but rather an attempt at presenting the true essence of fashion.

It is very common for many people to look at fashion as a kind of art form. For example, when a model is on a runway, they are being evaluated on their appearance, their ability to move, and their skin color. It is important to remember that fashion is not only limited to the world of fashion. The world of fashion includes everything that surrounds and imitates fashion. In other words, fashion includes not only what is considered fashionable in a given time and place, but is also a reflection of who a person is and how they see themselves.

Fashion has always been one of the most influential forces in the social and cultural history of the world. Fashion is almost as old as civilization itself and has been shaped the cultures of many nations. Just recently, fashion has been even more critical in the United States than in other countries. The rapid growth of the middle class in America and the economic pressures of the 20th century have prompted the creation of a new culture that has been characterized by individualism, a sense of individual pride, the promotion of individual freedom, and a widespread rejection of traditional gender roles.

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