Everything You Need To Know About Tuxedos


Everything You Need To Know About Tuxedos

When it comes to formal wear for weddings, a tuxedo is one of the more traditional pieces of apparel for a groom to wear. Black tie is usually a semi-formal Western standard for evening occasions, originated in American and British events for formal attire during night time events. The term for a tuxedo can vary based on the culture of the time it was introduced and how commonly the item was worn. For instance, in Russia and Eastern Europe tuxedos are much less common than in America. However, many men in these areas and abroad still wear tuxedos as the preferred dress code.

Tuxedos can be categorized according to the material they are made from and the tailoring that is involved in their production. For example, satin tuxedos are those that are made of a fine fabric, often trimmed with diamonds or other gemstones. These are very popular for evening weddings as they provide the suave look a groom is going for without being too flashy. Satin also allows for the gentle movement of the legs while dancing while wearing the tuxedo, which some people may consider a disadvantage as movement is less elegant during wedding dances.

Tuxedos can be classified according to the way in which the top of the jacket is turned down, either to the side or over the shoulder. Over-hood tuxedos have the traditional top of the jacket turned down, like a coat, with the collars ending above the waist. This type of tuxedo is best suited for a formal wedding, but can be dressed down for more casual events and weddings as well. Tuxedo pants are the traditional dress pants for a tuxedo, consisting of pleated pants with a tuxedo jacket. These fit snugly at the knees and are easy to walk in as the pleats show up for attention.

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