What Is Fashion?


What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a kind of autonomy and self-expression in a certain time and location and at a certain context, generally of dressing, footwear, fashion accessories, hair style, makeup, hairstyle and body posture. The word means a style established by the fashion industry as what is trendy at that time. There are many definitions of what is stylish but the most common one is by looking at trends. However, it should not be limited to only trends or what is popular at any particular point of time. It also includes any kind of dress or wear that makes you feel good about yourself and improves your lifestyle.

The word comes from French words fashions, which means fashionable, and guises, which means disguise. The modern meaning of the word is typically connected with the styles in popular fashion shows. There is a great variety of fashions, which have become fashionable and whose designs and styles are worn frequently. But there are also fashions, which have become current and are rarely seen before. Fashion designers are often used to make new styles and these new styles become popular through word-of-mouth, through advertisement in various media, through celebrities, and also through general usage of social media.

Fashions in apparel include dresses, pants, skirts, tops, blouses, jackets, body stockings, swimwear, loungewear, casuals, and skirts and tops. A dress or skirt is designed to reveal the wearer’s legs, feet or butt; an apparel with a top often has a V-neckline and is open at the top or may have a V-neckline and is closed at the back. A top garment can either have a fabric, like a shirt, or a leather or textile foundation. A blouse is usually worn with trousers and a top.

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