What Is Business Dress Code?

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What Is Business Dress Code?

The Business Dress code of an organization is basically a code, laid down by the Board of Directors or by an external affairs officer for the company’s employees. This code specifies what kind of attire will be accepted for the employees of the organization on particular days and at specific times, which may include both formal and informal attire. It also enables the employer to specify what kind of uniform he wants his employees to wear on a given day and what formal attire they should be wearing on other days. There are two kinds of dress codes. The first is a ‘one size fits all’ code that says that every employee of the company has to look their best, irrespective of the occasion and regardless of the kind of work they are involved in.

The other kind of business dress code is a ‘one size fits all’ or’modest clothing’ code that says that employees are required to wear regular and conservative business suits and other conservative attires such as waistcoats and slacks with jacket and trousers, top and bottom. The kind of suit worn by men is dictated by the kind of work they do. While women are supposed to wear conservative business suits as well, men’s suits are generally a bit more stylish and designer. Formal business suits are usually the kind that are worn to office buildings, while informal suits are those that can be worn to parties, to casual get-togethers, for casual family dinners, and for casual picnics etc.

A typical business dress code will usually say that it is acceptable for the men to wear a tie, but not for women, while the women may wear a dress, but not the trendy office wear of jeans and sneakers. The kind of footwear worn by an employee can also vary according to the kind of work he does. While employees of call centers are supposed to wear high heels and platform shoes because these kinds of footwear are comfortable to stand in, employees of retail stores are supposed to wear flat shoes and sneakers because these kinds of shoes are more comfortable to walk with. Some organizations even have by-laws stating that employees have to wear proper business attire at all times when inside the workplace.

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