Street Fashion – How it Influences Popular Culture

street fashion

Street Fashion – How it Influences Popular Culture

Street fashion is fashion which is thought to have emerged not from design studios, but largely from the streets. Street fashion is most frequently seen in metropolitan areas, and tends to reflect the local culture. Some of the most popular brands which are associated with street fashion include Dior, Balmain, Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Instagram came onto the scene as a fashion phenomenon, with millions of users uploading photographs of themselves wearing the latest styles to social media sites such as instagram. While many people use instagram as a tool for posting photographs, some take it much further and set up an entire page solely devoted to reviewing brands who have released new clothing lines via instagram. Brands are then invited to feature on the page, in order to drive traffic to their websites. As a result, brand and product images spread far and wide, with the user becoming a kind collector and designer of garments. A great example of this is the increasing popularity of street fashion website instagram dot com, which has received millions of visitors.

As instagram continues to expand in terms of its user base, more traditional media are slowly being forced to adapt to the changing street style. For example, while it is still relatively common for the majority of newspapers and magazines to feature detailed reports of fashion trends, they are now also including articles written by ordinary people. As such, we can see the influence of Milan fashion practices on this aspect of popular culture. Milanese street style has reached beyond the boundaries of the fashion industry, as ordinary citizens are now taking on a starring role in fashion trends.

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