Types Of Fashion


Types Of Fashion

Fashion is a common use of the word that refers to clothes, apparels, footwear and accessories and in a certain context and time, of particular clothes, footwear, fashion, makeup, haircut, and bodily postures. In its ordinary usage, the word also suggests a distinctive appearance defined by the fashion industry at what is popular at that time. When defining a trend, it implies a fad or a style. The fashion industry constantly monitors, records, and tests new fashions on a wide scale so that we can recognize and appreciate the trends in the market. We know for a fact that the fashions are always changing, ever-changing, always in progress; they show a sign of instability but tend to stabilize again as soon as they gain stability, which is why we need to be aware and smart about fashion trends.

In the haute couture, the French term refers to the high-class, elite and expensive line of clothing created by the best designers in France. In the fashion world, one must not think of this term to be restricted to only high-class, elite and expensive lines and labels. High fashion in the haute couture includes elegant, expensive clothing for the upper segment of society, particularly for the women, from clothing lines and brands like Cartier, Fath and Musaindets. This kind of fashion can be called hauteur couture.

Another kind of fashion that is rapidly gaining popularity and attention is the fast fashion, or contemporary fashion. This kind of clothing trend generally appeals to the younger generation. Some famous fast fashion brands include Dior, Balmain, D&G, Celine and Calvin Klein. What makes fast fashion appealing is its cutting edge nature and the contemporary trends within the industry. The newest lines and styles will always find their way into the fashion world.

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