Trends In Men’s Fashion Accessories

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Trends In Men’s Fashion Accessories

Men’s fashion these days is as varied and vast as its fan base. What was once limited to tailors and dress shirts with cargo pockets has now spilled over into t-shirts, shorts, jackets, shoes, belts, hats and even shoes! It seems that as soon as it stops raining men are out in the open with everything they need to update their wardrobes with the latest in men’s fashion. Of course men’s fashion has always been a subject of controversy as fashion designers have always claimed that women are better than men when it comes to fashion, but the proof is in the pudding, or so the popular saying goes. And while it may be true that women may have more influence on what men wear and how they wear it women still hold the majority of the market and control what men’s fashion is all about.

The fashion industry has always had a hand in influencing the way men and women feel, look and be. Earlier this influence was only evident in women’s fashion but now the influence is almost everywhere in men’s fashion. In the past few years, designer labels like Versace and D&G have released their own ranges of men’s fashion accessories, shoes and clothes in collaboration with high-street store-rooms, which has seen some mainstream success. Some of the latest trends in men’s fashion accessories include watches, belts and bags that are being designed and produced by the larger fashion houses in the major cities around the world. The styles and colours of men’s fashion accessories are also starting to take on a new twist, with more adventurous brands such as London Fog creating strange-shaped and unique-looking watches that have become all the rage with male fashionistas this season.

A trend that has been developing over the last decade is for men’s fashion accessories that are made from textiles rather than the traditional leather or nylon or other man-made materials. Though not everybody is keen on man-made materials, the use of different fabrics in men’s fashion accessories such as belts and briefcases and wallets make them look more fashionable. Another trend that is starting to take hold in men’s fashion accessories is the use of more natural-looking materials in men’s fashion accessories and clothes such as cotton and wool rather than the more artificial materials like polyester and nylon, which look a little out of place in men’s clothing and fashion accessories.

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