The Influences of Street Fashion

Street fashion is fashionable fashion which is believed to have appeared not from dress shops, but on the streets, spontaneously. Street fashion generally refers to youth culture and has often been observed in large urban centres. It differs in that teenagers and young men are involved in its creation, with its accompanying expressions such as graffiti, and its adoption by celebrities such as Tom Cruise. It is a style of dressing that is constantly evolving and takes on new forms.

street fashion

In Western society, street fashion has become associated with drugs, prostitution and gangs, all of which are deemed to be socially unacceptable activities. However, the use of this particular clothing can be associated with a variety of different causes. Some believe that it is influenced by the music styles of the time, which are generally characterized by an abrasive and rebellious attitude, and by the hardcore grunge style which came about in the early to mid ’70s. The style was also a style of dressing, with particular items including brightly coloured street clothing and outrageous jewellery.

Street fashion, like other cultures subcultures, has its roots in a variety of different causes. It can be influenced by the styles of art, literature, architecture, film, music, and television. The influence is far reaching and can be seen in some of today’s most popular entertainers. Pop stars such as Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles all had a significant influence on the street fashion styles of their day.

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