Formalwear – Tuxedos

The tuxedo is one of the most recognizable clothing pieces for men. Black tie is usually a semi-formal Western wear code for evening occasions, originated in British and American formalities for formal attire at evening social events. In British English, the principal component for men, the evening coat or dinner jacket, is often referred to as synecdochically. The traditional dinner jacket is now rarely worn except in classical evenings and it is not considered appropriate for modern business attire or for men with pouches under their breast pockets. A tuxedo has evolved over the years from its traditional functionality to becoming an icon of style.


In the 17th century, tuxedos were worn mainly for ceremonies such as weddings, dignitaries visiting France, balls and other special events where a man had to assume a more formal dress. Tuxedos were worn with a formal wear waistcoat consisting of two slacks of the same color, a white shirt having a black collar, a cummerbund, black bow tie or cufflink and black shoes. Tuxedos were also worn under the trousers during the day and over the trousers and jacket for evenings. Tuxedos were worn over a white or black suit in the afternoon to complete the formal look.

Tuxedos are still regarded as the dress for the highly formal elite social events and it remains popular today. The modern tuxedo is designed to exaggerate the shape of the body to give the wearer a better figure and to create a more elegant and flattering silhouette. Tuxedos are generally worn on black tie events. A tuxedo is similar in shape to the letter jacket and in size and length to the dinner jacket or the trouser jacket, but of course with a more refined and elegant design.

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