The Art of Fashion Week

Fashion is an artistic mode of individuality and self expression in a certain time and situation and in a certain context, specifically of clothes, shoes, lifestyle, cosmetics, hairstyle, body posture, and fashion accessories. The word simply means a distinctive look usually defined by the fashion business as what is fashionable. Fashion is so broad that it could also be taken as a generic term for any style or mannerism seen in people, clothes, work, or culture. It is therefore very vague and the meaning is often highly dependent on the culture or region in which the term is used. However, there are several general aspects of fashion that all people from different backgrounds and walks of life express.


It is the expressed attitude and personality of a person or persons and his/her choice of clothes, footwear, hairstyles, jewelry, and other accessories that defines and makes fashionable clothes and fashionable footwear. There is a big difference between what is fashionable and what is trendy. Some people choose to express their attitudes through their dressing while other people express their traits and personalities through their clothes. It is in expressing one’s feelings and personality through their dress, shoes, or hairstyles that fashion truly makes an impact. And it is this aspect of fashion which is important for those of us who are trying to look good, whether we are trying to look trendy, sexy, graceful, or even elegant!

Fashion is more than clothes: it is how you carry yourself and what you are willing to do to show your attitude, your personality, or your cultural background. One can express his/her culture and ethnic background through a particular dress or a particular hairstyle. And if we are talking about urban fashion, then fashion trends in this context can also include specific hairstyles and accessories that one would wear to express his/her image or cultural beliefs and values. A good designer always studies and designs from the multiple aspects of culture and multiple fashion trends so that what he designs ultimately becomes a fashion trend of his own.

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