Men’s Formal Wear – The Tuxedo

Wearing a tuxedo is an extremely formal and often misunderstood requirement of men’s formal attire. Historically, black tie is also a semi-formal Western wear code for formal evening events, originally in British and American events for formal attire for dinner parties in the late 19th century. The dinner jacket, which can also be called a dinner gown or the dinner coat, is the most important item of formal Western wear. Although it is sometimes confused with the more ambiguous term “formal wear” or “dinner wear,” a tuxedo actually refers to a tailored jacket that must be worn over a complete or full-length dinner outfit. The jacket is worn very close to the torso, covering the upper half of the torso, and usually features a peak lapel, a collar, buttons, and a cuffs and cuff links.


The pants of tuxedos are traditionally black, but other colors have become popular such as dark blue. These color changes reflect current fashion trends, but the classic black jacket is still a standard tuxedo feature. Historically, the dinner jacket was worn by upper-class men who attended evening balls or black-tie events. These tuxedos were usually much wider than modern trousers and had much wider lapels. Tuxedos may be worn with or without white gloves, and may include a matching white or black bow tie. Although tuxedos have fallen out of fashion in recent years, they are still appropriate for many casual occasions and are an appropriate wardrobe choice for many men.

Men’s formal wear typically includes a tuxedo, dinner jacket, dinner shoes, black tie wrist watch, bow tie, and a matching coat. A tuxedo can be purchased from a retail store or online. Tuxedos are an iconic part of the formal wardrobe and are a great way to add style and glamour to any outfit.

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