What Does Fashion Mean?


What Does Fashion Mean?

“Fashion is the way of seeing”, goes a famous quote from Yves Saint Laurent. Although the quote was made in French, the meaning has resonated with many of us across the world and has inspired many fashion trends. Fashion is a form of individuality and autonomy in a given time and setting and at a given context, of attire, footwear, makeup, hair style, accessories, hairstyling, and body structure. In its most common usage, the word simply denotes a fashion defined by the fashion industry as what is popular at the moment.

A dress is one of the primary categories of fashion, where it is not uncommon to see entire wardrobes of clothes stacked neatly in drawers or even stuffed into the closet. Some people may not wear clothes very often, whereas others may consider it rude to wear something outside the house. In the past, only upper class people wore clothes outside their homes, and clothing was considered a status symbol. Nowadays, fashion has influenced the culture of lower and middle class as much as it has that of the upper class.

Most people are more concerned about the styles of clothes they wear rather than the colors or materials they choose. However, some colors have been known to express a lot about a person’s personality, or the fashion trends he or she follows. The color pink is known to be a safe bet for those who want to express their love for Disney princesses or other cartoons. Pink colored clothing is often associated with little girls, especially when they wear princess-themed clothing such as gowns, tiaras, and jewelries. On the other hand, those who follow rock, punk, or goth fashion may choose to wear clothing that shows their attitude towards the music genre.

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