Wedding Attire: Tuxedo

The tuxedo is an unmistakable garment, signifying class and formality of all formal wear. Made famous by leading actors in films like James Bond and Casino, it has gradually permeated through pop culture into the fashion and social circles of individuals belonging to all strata of the society. Even though the tuxedo is largely perceived to be a symbol of authority and power, it has actually always been a symbol of freedom and liberty as well. The history of the tuxedo can be traced back to the mid-to-late 19th century, when it was used by naval personnel during official proceedings.


Black tie is a full semi-formal Western formal dress code for all evening social events, originated in British and American weddings in the late 19th century. However, in British English, it is frequently referred to as the dinner jacket or dinner suit, by its main ingredient the dinner jacket, a full dress shirt made from satin, linen or cotton, which is worn by British males during a formal meal. A dinner jacket is also a style of full dinner jacket that was popular with the young men in England during the late Victorian era. However, during World War II, American servicemen in the UK were allowed to wear a military style black jacket during weddings and other formal occasions. It was during this time that tuxedo became associated with elite military and political figures in Britain and America.

The tuxedo is still a mainstay clothing item in weddings generally. It is an indispensable item that is worn in all sorts of social, business, official and personal affairs. It is said that the men who choose to wear a tuxedo to their weddings are not only courageous but also consider it to be a status symbol. The suit is usually worn by the groom to his own wedding ceremony as well. Many men choose to wear it not just for the wedding day but also to attend other people’s weddings or funerals. There are several styles of tuxedos that can be worn on this special day ranging from the traditional full length one to the tank style.

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