Trendy Men’s Fashion Trends For The September Issue of Esquire

Men’s fashion was never given a more critical and varied look than it has been in the past decade. It is now a major part of our culture and has moved past the joke that it is “only for girls”. Men’s fashion has come to include much more than the simple black t-shirt, and has evolved into something more substantial and fashionable. Men’s fashion has become more about expressing one’s individuality and being confident in who one is.

mens fashion

Masculinity and femininity are no longer things that are considered with reverence or aversion. Our culture has embraced sexuality in all its glory and fashioning is a perfect expression of this newfound acceptance and confidence. Fashioning in the twenty-first century is almost as democratic as fashioning was when the fashion world first started, allowing men and women to express themselves with much more freedom and creativity. Men’s fashion is not dominated by the macho, biker, rebel type image any longer, which is a good thing because now more than ever men need to look masculine and attract women.

The latest trends and fashion statements from the September issue of Esquire magazine are all about men wearing sports bras, knitwear, vests and beanies. These are just a few items that Esquire editors suggest may be considered at home in any man’s closet. Look out for the September issue of Esquire to see what the new trends will be!

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