The Evolution Of Street Fashion

Street fashion has been around for many years, it is a style of fashion which originated in the inner cities in the United Kingdom. In its early years it was marked by hip hop and heavy metal styles. Today, street fashion incorporates all aspects of the fashion industry and has moved from its roots. There are many different types of street wear in the UK, the most popular being skater wear, hoodies, Jean jackets, and casuals. The first group of urban street fashion emerged in the late 1980’s and was characterized by iconic brands such as Reebok, Umbro, and Ujekitty.

street fashion

Street fashion can be influenced by many different styles, from hip hop to punk, ska to hipster. Social media has also played a role in influencing the street fashion of today. Social media allows users to upload pictures and comments on products that they have bought, with the use of social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Many teenagers have taken to social media sites such as Instagram and twitter to share their feelings about certain brands and styles.

The street fashion of today is constantly changing, as teenagers react to the latest trends and try to break established conventions. Many teenagers like to wear edgier clothing, which has been widely adopted by the public. The main difference between an edgy teen and a cool one is that the edgier clothing is more about being different and displaying your own individuality. Teenagers love to participate in this type of fashion, which allows them to express themselves and their opinions.

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