Influences of Social Media on Street Fashion Trends

Street fashion is clothing that has been considered to have developed not from high-fashion boutiques, but rather from the streets. Street fashion is usually associated more with youth culture, which is found in large metropolitan cities, and is most frequently seen in central areas. The earliest records that show street wear date back to the 18th century, although its development can be traced in other cultures as well. It has become an internationally recognized form of dress code and is now being utilized by people of all ages.

street fashion

Although street fashion continues to evolve with changing trends, its foundation remains the same. A trend becomes a trend when it is adopted by the masses, particularly when that trend becomes established as a cultural norm for a significant segment of the population. This cultural norm is called a trend, for a reason, because what was considered as an acceptable trend when the trend was first developed is considered to be outdated and outmoded when it is no longer in fashion. Social media has made influencing trends easier than ever before. By watching numerous street fashion videos, people are being introduced to these different trends through the societal cues they provide.

Social media outlets such as YouTube are used for watching street fashion videos, as well as several other types of popular content. By reading articles, blogs, and news stories, people begin to form opinions about specific items and topics based on these references. When these opinions are formed based on the information they see in a particular article or video, these opinions are usually used to influence how others may think about a particular topic. Through this method of influence, there is a powerful force that is used to keep a particular street fashion trend in vogue throughout the year.

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