How To Wear A Tuxedo?


How To Wear A Tuxedo?

For many men the first tuxedo that they own is one that they have purchased for themselves as a gift for a family member or friend. Regardless of whether or not they actually have worn one before, there is something about a tuxedo that can evoke feelings of formality. It is also something that can be very expensive and tuxedos are not usually something that people can afford on a regular basis. This means that men that buy their tuxedos as gifts will often pay a bit more than someone who is purchasing it for themselves.

Tuxedo refers to a full formal suit that is black tie, which is generally worn between a suit and a jacket. Black tie is now a semi-formal Western style dress code for evening social events, originated in British and American formal dress codes for evening dress in the late 19th century. In British English the main dress code is frequently referred to as the dinner jacket or dinner suit. The dinner jacket is the outfit that goes between the jacket and waistcoat. Dinner suits were considered appropriate for official functions in the British but have been used much more frequently in non-office situations as well.

The traditional lapel pin is used to signify the wearer’s rank of “honor” within the organisation. On tuxedos, lapels signify the wearer’s ranking and the pins are normally on the same side as the jacket lapel. They are designed to overlap with the coat collar on either side of the lapel, or if the jacket has a crest on the lapel it will overlap with the pins on the coat. The lapel pin design is relatively simple – just a plain flat disk, normally gold or silver with an iron or brass handle. It will often feature one or two central button holes to secure the pin on the coat when it is worn.

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