How To Choose The Proper Formal Wear

formal wear

How To Choose The Proper Formal Wear

Formal wear, full formal dress or formal attire is the traditional Western dresscode category typically applicable for all the more formal events, including weddings, parties, confirmations, funeral, holidays, Easter and Christmas ceremonies, as well as some state gatherings, balls, and sports events. Wearing full formal attire, in the full sense of the term, indicates that you are in the West for the formal occasion; in other words, you have come to the correct social status, which requires a certain formality of behaviour. You would also have access to finer quality of goods and services than your economically more disadvantaged neighbours. For example, while the more casual and unformal attire may be perfectly acceptable for a casual get-together with your friends, it would not be at all appropriate for a party given by a cultural establishment like a church or a university.

Formal wear usually consists of a black and white suit (jacket and trousers), a dark coloured jacket, white shirt with tie, bow tie and stiletto boots. Trousers, of course, must be proper khakis (leaving aside the sandals for occasions when it is less formal) and black or dark coloured socks. In the case of jockstraps, they must always be accompanied by the right kind of footwear, i.e. court shoes or athletic shoes.

In addition, the clothing one puts on for formal occasions is dependent on what he/she is actually supposed to be doing for the day: for example, for early mornings and evenings, a jogging suit would be more appropriate than a dressy frock coat for a morning event or a dinner in the evening. It is also important to understand the meaning behind certain labels, for example a ‘full lace’ or a ‘full skirt’. For evening events, black or dark grey are considered appropriate and black or navy are considered appropriate for morning dress. For casual or everyday use, lighter colours such as grey or white are more appropriate. Formal wear is normally worn with a tuxedo, except for black tie events, but for most other occasions a more normal evening gown or casual dress would be sufficient.

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