Formal Wear for Different Wedding Events

Formal wear, full dress or formal attire is the standard Western dress code classification applicable for all the more formal occasions, including weddings, christening, confirmation, funerals, holidays, corporate gatherings, ball and horse races, as well as certain regional events, high school and college graduations, and family functions. This kind of dress code usually involves four to six pieces of attire which are all designed and created keeping in mind the wearer’s body type, height and age. Every piece of formal wear has a specific motif that adds a certain flavor to it. For instance, tuxedo and black tie occasion dresses have motifs such as the stars, the martini glass, and the tails of the white horse. There are also formal wear pieces which do not have any motives, but are simply the color of the cloth and the material of the garment.

formal wear

The most significant difference between formal wear and casual attire is the level of formality. While most of us tend to opt for formality while looking good, there are those who look for style and comfort when choosing formal wear. Formality, however, cannot be overemphasized enough – this is a must for all the formal events. While you may be able to wear a tux at a wedding or else something moderately upscale and elegant for a Christening or an official social gathering, when you are presenting yourself before a judge or the jury of a court of law, you should choose your attire very carefully.

There are some people who would say that you don’t have to follow the wedding dress code at all. They think that their style and personality do not need to conform to that of the wedding dress. But as we all know, the style and the personality are two vital aspects of any human being. The essence of formal wear is to make sure that your personality is reflected in your dress. A simple and elegant black dress would not exactly go well with someone who is bold and adventurous and he will most likely end up looking odd and even distasteful. So if you are going to be in a big occasion like a wedding or a social gathering, it’s always better to follow the dress code.

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