Fashion Merchandising As a Career

Fashion is a distinctive mode of individuality and self expression in a given situation and in a certain context, of dress, footwear, fashion, cosmetics, hairstyles, and personal attitude. The word simply means a style defined as what is fashionable at the time. In this fast pace, materialistic, consumerist and competitive world of today, fashion is one of its own kinds of art or profession. A person who loves fashion must have an artistic sense, aesthetic sense and appreciation for beauty. He must be creative enough to see the beauty in objects rather than in people or in the environment.


In fact fashion has become an essential part of human life because it unites all aspects of the world. It is not just a mode of dressing but also involves the total creative process that shapes an individual’s personality. In today’s world, it’s not only the clothes that people put on but it’s the way they carry themselves and the way they interact with other human being that defines them as a person. It is through fashion that we recognize ourselves and our capabilities to the world.

But fashion merchandising is not all about putting the newest fashion labels out there. It’s also more of an art and not a mere business that sells all these fashion items to the public. The fashion merchandising industry caters to a wide variety of clientele ranging from fashion consultants, to fashion houses, to fashion accessory specialists, to fashion modeling agencies and professional photographers. For these people, fashion merchandising is an art that requires skills, talent, imagination and above all, patience. It takes a long period of preparation and strategizing before you can actually start making money out of it.

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