A Look at Men’s Fashion For the 1920s

Men’s fashion for this decade and the last has been geared toward functionality and fashion over style and trends. Clothing for men of this era was designed to be durable, lightweight and easy to care for while still being stylish and fashionable. This also included a shift from thinking patterns of the time to thinking differently about design and tailoring. This was the era when movies became popular and men’s fashion began to change from being just about being able to wear clothing to being something that was expected to be fashionable.

mens fashion

The 1920s fashion look was based around work wear as men wore pinstripes or dark suits to work and lighter suits to social events and the occasional weekend out. The colors of course were much more varied than they have been in the past with yellows, creams, blacks and even a few blues mixed in. Men of the twenties wore geometric shapes on their suits such as the A-line or the half-circles. The A-line was often paired with pinstripes for a more dressed down look and for a more formal event.

This popular fashion also included what was called “dingy” suits which were dark suits with shiny lapels and collars. These suits were actually quite comfortable to wear because they had geometric shapes cut into them. The point being that they represented a departure from the traditional stripes and plaids that were worn in the past and were being replaced by geometric shapes. The designs were so intricate that they represented art and the fact that this was the decade when fashion really began to change for the better. In the end men of the 1920s were very similar to the current generation of consumers who are more concerned about fashion than ever before.

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